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TMAS Academy's Backstory

TMAS Academy (The Math and Science Academy), previously known as Explore Math, was started in 2020. Ritvik Rustagi wanted to spread his passion for contest math through his youtube channel. He hosted an AMC 10/12 seminar in January of 2021 along with making a 50+ page handout to go along with it. Not only did this allow him to teach other students, but it allowed him to learn the concepts for himself.

Ritvik Rustagi's Mission

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The mission is to simply educate people including those who are disadvantaged. The primary focus will be on math and the science subjects for now. My recent notable creations include the following 5 books: ACE The AMC 10 and AMC 12, ACE AP Physics 1, ACE AP Calculus AB, ACE AP Calculus BC, and ACE AP Physics C: Mechanics. Each book is between 150 and 300 pages long and contains hundreds of problems with fully written solutions. These book will serve as a great resource for anyone aspiring to do well in their AP courses and math competitions.

TMAS Academy's FREE Books

FREE AP Calculus BC Book by Ritvik Rustagi | TMAS Academy
Free AP Physics C: Mechanics Book by Ritvik Rustagi

Free AP Books

These 4 AP Books have all been written by Ritvik Rustagi. They all contains tons of problems and official free response questions with detailed solutions. The books are designed to fit the College Board standards for the courses. They contain all the topics that show up on the AP exam. One key factor that this books achieve is concise and productive preparation. They come straight to the point through the explanations. Unlike other books that are thousaands of pages and overwheliming to many, these books each range from 150-300 pages, making the journey to learning the content seem much more approachable. 

Note that these books will constantly be updated. Thus, come back to the website constantly to get the latest versions with all the new edits, including new problems at times. 

FREE AP Physics 1 Book
FREE AP Calcululs AB Book by Ritvik Rustagi | TMAS Academy

TMAS Academy Videos

Many videos can be found on the TMAS Academy youtube channel. There are rapid review videos for each unit from AP Physics 1, AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC. The goal of the review videos is to allow students to prepare rapidly for a unit and get an idea of all the topics. All review videos also include 1-2 free response questions to deepen one's understanding. The videos are full of neat animations that make it easy to visualize the topics and understand the solution to the problem. Unfortunately, there are some slight issues with the microphone in some videos. However, the animations in the videos should assist in understanding the topics whenever the microphone is breaking out.

Expect to see more uploads on the youtube channel in the coming weeks. There will be review sessions and much more. Ritvik Rustagi will be working on arranging a new microphone and setup to further improve the quality of the videos.

ritvik rustagi

TMAS Academy's Discord

Join the server to meet and collaborate with other hardworking students preparing for AP exams and competitions such as the AMC 10/12 and AIME.

There are occassional group study sessions and review sessions led by Ritvik Rustagi and others in the server!


I am looking for the following:

  • Discord Tutors

  • Thumbnail Artists

  • Website Developers

  • Authors for future books

More information for the roles can be found in the

form below. To apply, simply fill out the form below.

Ritvik Rustagi

Looking forward to teaching 

2024-2025 Tutoring Program

Many students and parents have contacted me (Ritvik Rustagi) for tutoring. Unfortunately, I was unable to tutor back then. However, now I am planning to launch a full-fledged tutoring program with weekly classes, office hours, and complementary, several hour long review sessions towards the end of the program (near the exam dates). Note that this program will not be free. However, it will be offered at reasonable costs. 

This program for various courses will start in August 2024 and last till May 2025. The confirmed courses that will be available for the upcoming school year include AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Physics 1, and AP Physics C: Mechanics. There are more tentative courses that might be available depending on demand.

Fill the form out below to be informed about when this opportunity will be available!

Learn from the author of five free books!


"This book is truly magnificent, It teaches the most difficult math topics in a way an inexperienced student and understand. With hundreds of questions with detailed explanations, this is truly one of the best ways to study amc 10."
- Winston Fu

Frequently Asked Questions

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