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FREE AP Calculus BC Book by Ritvik Rustagi | TMAS Academy
Free AP Physics C: Mechanics Book by Ritvik Rustagi

Free AP Books

These 4 AP Books have all been written by Ritvik Rustagi. They all contains tons of problems and official free response questions with detailed solutions. The books are designed to fit the College Board standards for the courses. They contain all the topics that show up on the AP exam. One key factor that this books achieve is concise and productive preparation. They come straight to the point through the explanations. Unlike other books that are thousaands of pages and overwheliming to many, these books each range from 150-300 pages, making the journey to learning the content seem much more approachable. 

Note that these books will constantly be updated. Thus, come back to the website constantly to get the latest versions with all the new edits, including new problems at times. 

FREE AP Physics 1 Book
FREE AP Calcululs AB Book by Ritvik Rustagi | TMAS Academy

Error Form

Please report any errors that you find in the form on the right. This will make it easier to improve the books. Make sure to include the page number and specify what book the error was found in. 

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