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About the Owner

Ritvik Rustagi

Ritvik Rustagi, born in 2007, is the founder of TMAS Academy. He is also the author of the prominent book called ACE The AMC 10 and AMC 12. His goal with TMAS Academy is to educate people through comprehensive content. In addition, he is currently a junior at Prospect High School. His hobbies include physics, math, coding, running, and listening to music. He started this program in 2020 due to his passion for competition math. His main reason for starting this journey was to help others including himself learn important topics in contest math. He is aspiring to make a lot of AP content by 2024.

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If you want to assist me in my monthly payments to run this program which includes website costs, Overleaf costs, and filming/editing costs, then please consider donating by clicking the cup on the right!

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Ritvik Rustagi
Ritvik Rustagi TMAS Academy
Ritvik Rustagi
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